From GiD 11, a themes system has been integrated inside GiD.

In the following chapters, how to manage and use these system is explained in order to get a full integrated look of your module.

A theme contain:

  • visual aspect as colors and shape of toolbars and windows.
  • collection of cursors.
  • collection of images (images can be classified in 2 categories, images on a root folder: logos, auxiliar images, ... and images representin icons, this ones can be found on subfolders grouped by image size).
  • Definitions of which icon size is used in each categories (toolbars, menus).
  • Default colors of entities and background (this colors will be applied to user the first time that the theme is charged, after that, user could change colors by going to preferences)

Now there are ony two themes inside GiD: GiD_classic and GiD_black.

As this manual is for modules developers, you must know that the most common situation is to use most images provided by GiD and for only the new icons that you want to use in your module, implement the themes structure inside your module, creating the appropiated folder structure and configuration files, and providing images of the new icons for each theme.