GiD_Process command_1 command_2 ...

Tcl command used to execute GiD commands.

This is a simple function, but a very powerful one. It is used to enter commands directly inside the central event manager. The commands have the same form as those typed in the command line within GiD.

You have to enter exactly the same sequence as you would do interactively, including the escape sequences (using the word escape) and selecting the menus and operations used.

You can obtain the exact commands that GiD needs by checking the Right buttons menu (Utilities -> Tools -> Toolbars). It is also possible to save a batch file (Utilities -> Preferences) where the commands used during the GiD session can be checked.

Here is a simple example to create one line:

GiD_Process Mescape Geometry Create Line 0,0,0 10,0,0 escape

Note: Mescape is a multiple 'escape' command, to go to the top of the commands tree.

Process function

Tcl Process Function