GiD_Info materials

This command returns a list of the materials in the project.

GiD_Info materials(<bookname>) returns only the materials that belong to the book <bookname>)

These options are also available:

  • <material_name>: If a material name is given, its properties are returned.
  • It is also possible to add the option otherfields to get the fields of that material, or the option book to get the book of that material.
  • books: If this option is given, a list of the material books in the project is returned.


in: GiD_Info materials

out: "Air Steel Aluminium Concrete Water Sand"

in: GiD_Info materials Steel

out: "1 Density 7850"

GiD_Info materials Steel otherfields

GiD_Info materials books

GiD_Info materials(profiles)