GiD_Info ListMassProperties ?-no_model? Points|Lines|Surfaces|Volumes|Nodes|Elements <entity_id>

If -no_model flag is specified then entities are stored in a special container, it doesn't belong to the model

This command returns properties of the selected entities.

It returns the length if entities are lines, area if surfaces, volume if volumes, or the center of gravity if entities are nodes or elements. It has the following arguments:

  • Points/Lines/Surfaces/Volumes/Nodes/Elements: Type of entity.
  • entity_id: The number of an entity. It is also possible to enter a list of entities (e.g.: 2 3 6 45) or a range of entities (e.g.: entities from 3 to 45, would be 3:45).


in: GiD_Info ListMassProperties Lines 13 15



n. Length

13 9.876855

15 9.913899

Selected 2 figures


Total Length=19.790754