GiD_Event_AfterCreateMaterial: will be called just after create the material 'name'

proc GiD_Event_AfterCreateMaterial { name } {


GiD_Event_AfterRenameMaterial: will be called just after the mateial 'oldname' has been renamed to 'newname'

proc GiD_Event_AfterRenameMaterial { oldname newname } {


GiD_Event_BeforeDeleteMaterial: will be called just before delete the material 'name'

If it returns -cancel- the material deletion is cancelled.

proc GiD_Event_BeforeDeleteMaterial { name } {


set value ...

return $value


GiD_Event_AfterChangeMaterial: will be called just after change some field value of the material 'name'.

changedfields is a list with the index of the changed fields (index starting from 1)

proc GiD_Event_AfterChangeMaterial { name changedfields } {


GiD_Event_AfterAssignMaterial: will be called just after assign or unassign the material of some entities.

  • name is the name of the new material. If it is "" then the material has been unassigned.
  • leveltype: is the kind of entity, if could be:


For mesh: ELEM_LT.

proc GiD_Event_AfterAssignMaterial { name leveltype } {