GiD_Event_AfterLoadResults: will be called when a results file is opened in GiD Postprocess. It receives one argument, the name of the file being opened without its extension.

proc GiD_Event_AfterLoadResults { file } {


Note:LoadResultsGIDPostProcess is a deprecated alias of GiD_Event_AfterLoadResults

GiD_Event_BeforeResultReadErrors: filename is the results file that was read, msg is the error message, format provide information about the kind of file: can be "GID_RESULTS_FORMAT", "3DSTUDIO_FORMAT", "TECPLOT_FORMAT", "FEMAP_FORMAT", "XYZ_FORMAT"

Retuning -cancel- the standard 'Read results error window' won't be opened

proc GiD_Event_BeforeResultReadErrors { filename msg format } {


set value ...

return $value


GiD_Event_AfterSetAnalysis: will be called just after set the current analysis

proc GiD_Event_AfterSetAnalysis { analysis_name } {


GiD_Event_AfterSetTimeStep: will be called just after set the current time step.

Step_index is an integer index, starting from 0. (a value of -1 mean any time step)

proc GiD_Event_AfterSetTimeStep { analysis_name step_index } {


Note: it is possible to get the value of the step with something like this:

lindex [GiD_Info postprocess get all_steps $analysis_name] $step_index

GiD_Event_AfterSetResult: will be called just after set the current result.

proc GiD_Event_AfterSetResult { analysis_name step_index result_name } {


GiD_Event_AfterSetResultComponent: will be called just after set the current result component.

proc GiD_Event_AfterSetResultComponent { analysis_name step_index result_name component_name } {