GiD_Event_AfterChangeViewMode: useof: can be "GEOMETRYUSE", "MESHUSE", "POSTUSE" or "GRAPHUSE".

proc GiD_Event_AfterChangeViewMode { useof } {



GiD_Event_GetBoundingBox: will be called when recalculating the bounding box, for example when user select "zoom frame"

  • useof: can be "GEOMETRYUSE", "MESHUSE", "POSTUSE" or "GRAPHUSE".

This procedure must return xmin ymin zmin xmax ymax zmaz of the bounding box of the entities directly managed by the problemtype (these entities must be directly drawn with the drawopengl command).

If "" is returned instead "xmin ymin zmin xmax ymax zmaz" then any additional bounding box is considered.

Note: Must not use GiD commands asking for the model size, like GiD_Info Layers -bbox , because these commands will invoke again GiD_Event_GetBoundingBox entering in a cyclic loop. (these kind of commands are unneded here, because GiD_Event_GetBoundingBox must inform only about its own managed objects)

proc GiD_Event_GetBoundingBox{ useof } {


return [list $xmin $ymin $zmin $xmax $ymax $zmax]


Note:TclCalcModelBoundaries is a deprecated alias of GiD_Event_GetBoundingBox.

GiD_Event_AfterDrawModel: to allow some OpenGL custom draw, before swapbuffers.

proc GiD_Event_AfterDrawModel {} {



proc GiD_Event_AfterRedraw {} {


GiD_Event_AfterChangeRenderMode: render_mode could be "flat", "normal", "smooth",...

proc GiD_Event_AfterChangeRenderMode { render_mode } {