In this subsection we explain a Tcl procedure used to configure the common behaviour of Materials. We are working on providing a similar functionality for Conditions using the same interface.

GiD_DataBehaviour controls properties of data windows for Materials and Conditions (not currently implemented). For Materials we can modify the behaviour of assign, draw, unassign, impexp (import/export), new, modify, delete and rename. We can also specify the entity type list with the assign option throught the subcommands geomlist and meshlist.

The syntax of the procedure is as follows:

GiD_DataBehaviour data_class name ?cmd? proplist


  • data_class could be "material" if we want to modify the behaviour of a particular material, or "materials" if a whole book is to be modified;
  • name takes the value of a material's name or a book's name, depending on the value of data_class;

In case that the materials are not classified in books the keyword "Default" means its default implicit book.

  • cmd can take one of the values: show, hide, disable, geomlist and meshlist;
  • proplist is a list of options or entity types. When the value of cmd is show, hide or disable, then proplist can be a subset of {assign draw unassign impexp new modify delete}. If the value of cmd is show it makes the option visible, if the value is hide then the option is not visible, and when the value is disable then the option is visible but unavailable. When the value of cmd is geomlist then proplist can take a subset of {points lines surfaces volumes} defining the entities that can have the material assigned when in geometry mode; if the value of cmd is meshlist then proplist can take the value elements. Bear in mind that only elements can have a material assigned in mesh mode. If cmd is not provided, the corresponding state for each of the items provided in proplist is obtained as a result.


GiD_DataBehaviour materials Default geomlist {surfaces volumes}

GiD_DataBehaviour materials Solid hide {delete impexp}

GiD_ShowBook is a procedure to hide/show a book from the menus

GiD_ShowBook class book show


  • class must be: gendata materials conditions or intvdata
  • book is the name of the book to be show or hidden
  • show must be 0 or 1

After change the book properties is necessary to call to GiDMenu::UpdateMenus


GiD_ShowBook materials tables 0