GiD_Tools geometry classify_connected_parts <entity_type> <entity_ids> ?<forced_separator_ids>?

To split the input items of <entity_ids> in one or several parts where the entities of the part are connected

Two entities are assumed as connected only if they share a lowerentity boundary figure.

e.g lines sharing points, or surfaces sharing lines

but are considered not connected two surfaces that share only one point

if two figures only share a figure contained in <forced_separator_ids> they will be considered in diferent parts

<entity_type>: line | surface | volume

<entity_ids> objarray of integers with the entity identifiers (ids start from 1, not 0)

<forced_separator_ids> is an optional list of ids of entities of lower level that act as barrier and prevent consider be connected

entities of lower level means for <entity_type> line -> point , surface -> line, volume -> surface

it returns a list where each item is an objarray of integers with the ids of the entities of each connected part

{<part1_1 ... part1_n1> ... <partn_1 ... partn_nn>}