GiD_EntitiesSets get|entity_sets

To handle the entities that belong to postprocess sets (similar to preprocess layers)

  • GiD_EntitiesSets get|entity_sets

To know the entities of a set or to know the sets of an entity

  • GiD_EntitiesSets get <set_name> nodes|elements|all_mesh ?-count?

To get the list of entities of kind <over> that belong to <set_name>

If <over> is all_mesh then is obtained a list with 2 sublists: node id's, element id's

if -count is speficified, then only the number of objects is returned instead of its list.

In fact it is returned an 'objarray': a Tcl_Obj object specialized for arrays, implemented as a Tcl package named 'objarray'. (for more information see scripts\objarray\objarray.pdf)


set count_elements_set [GiD_EntitiesSets get Layer0 elements -count]

set nodes_ids_one_set [GiD_EntitiesSets get Layer0 nodes]

  • GiD_EntitiesSets entity_sets nodes|elements <id>

To get the set that contain the element <id> or the list of set that contain a node <id> (the sets that contain elements with the node as vertex)


set element_21_set [GiD_EntitiesSets entity_sets elements 21]

set node_8_sets [GiD_EntitiesSets entity_sets nodes 8]