GiD_Project set <option> ?<0|1>?

To set on off or ask the current state of some options, to control the redraw and wait state of GiD:

<option> could be disable_graphics|disable_windows|disable_warnline|disable_graphinput|disable_writebatch|waitstate|windows_layout

  • GiD_Project set disable_graphics ?<0|1>?

The value 0/1 Enable/Disable Graphics (GiD does not redraw)

EXAMPLE to disable the redraw:

GiD_Project set disable_graphics 1

  • GiD_Project set disable_windows ?<0|1>?

The value 0/1 Enable/Disable Windows (GiD displays, or not, windows which require interaction with the user)

EXAMPLE to disable the interaction windows:

GiD_Project set disable_windows 1

  • GiD_Project set disable_warnline ?<0|1>?

The value 0/1 Enable/Disable printing messages in the lower messages bar.

  • GiD_Project set disable_graphinput ?<0|1>?

The value 0/1 Enable/Disable GraphInput (enable or disable peripherals: mouse, keyboard, ...)

EXAMPLE to disable the peripherals input:

GiD_Project set disable_graphinput 1

  • GiD_Project set disable_writebatch ?<0|1>?

The value 0/1 Enable/Disable writting the batch file that records the commands send to be processed.

  • GiD_Project set waitstate ?<0|1>?

The value 0/1 Enable/Disable the Wait state (GiD displays a hourglass cursor in wait state)

EXAMPLE to set the state to wait:

GiD_Project set waitstate 1

Note: Usually these command are used jointly, to temporary disable redraws to accelerate the process.

It is recommended for a Tcl developer to use the more 'user-friendly' procedures defined inside the file 'dev_kit.tcl' (located in the \scripts directory). For example, to disable and enable redraws, you can use:



  • GiD_Project set windows_layout ?<1 2LR 2UD 3L 3U 3R 3D 4>?

To set or ask the layout of the drawing windows

1-> 1 window

2LR -> 2 windows placed horizontally (Left-Right)

2UD -> 2 windows placed vertically (Up - Down)

3L -> 3 windows, the biggest on the Left

3U-> 3 windows, the biggest Up

3R -> 3 windows, the biggest on the Right

3D -> 3 windows, the biggest Down

4 -> 4 windows