GiD_Layers create|delete|edit|get|list|window|exists|is_forbidden_name

  • GiD_Layers create <layer>

To create a new layer. <layer> must be the full name (e.g. if a layer B has as parent A then must use as fullname A//B)

  • GiD_Layers delete <layer>

To delete a layer

  • GiD_Layers edit name|color|opaque|visible|frozen|parent|state|to_use <layer> <value>

To modify layer properties:

  • name: change its name
  • color: set the color to draw its entities (with format #rrggbbaa)
  • opaque: opaque or transparent (0 or 1)
  • visible: set visibility of its entities (0 or 1)
  • frozen: set frozen to disable select its entities (0 or 1)
  • parent: to change the parent of a layer
  • state: to change the layer state (normal, disabled or hidden). hidden layers are not listed or visible in windows.
  • to_use: in this case <value> must not be providen, and <layer> is the one to be set as current 'layer to use' (where new entities will be created)
  • GiD_Layers get color|opaque|visible|frozen|parent|state|num_entities|num_conditions|id|back|to_use <layer>

To obtain the current value of some property:

  • num_entities: the total number of geometric or mesh entities that belong to the layer
  • num_conditions: the total number of conditions applied to the layer
  • id: the numeric identifier of the layer
  • back: return 1 if the layer has entities in its 'back' layer (entities in back are not drawn until they are sent again to front)
  • to_use: in this case <layer> must not be providen, it is returned the current 'layer to use' (where new entities will be created)
  • GiD_Layers list ?<parent>? ?descendants?

To get the list of fullnames of the current layers.

If a parent is specified, then only relative names of child layers will be listed. Root parent could be specified with an empty string ""

If desdendants is specified return a list of all descendants (childs, childs of childs, ...)

  • GiD_Layers window open|close|update

Show or hide the layers window or update its content

  • GiD_Layers exists <layer>

Return 1 if layer exists, 0 else

  • GiD_Layers is_forbidden_name <layer>

Return 1 if layer name has forbidden syntax