GiD_Groups create|clone|delete|edit|get|list|window|exists|is_forbidden_name|draw|end_draw

  • GiD_Groups create <group>

To create a new group. <group> must be the full name (e.g. if a group B has as parent A then must use as fullname A//B)

  • GiD_Groups clone <source_group> <destination_group>

create a new cloned group, with the same entities that its source group

  • GiD_Groups delete <group>

To delete a group

  • GiD_Groups edit name|color|opaque|visible|allowed_types|allowed_element_types|parent|state <group> <value>

To modify group properties:

  • name: change its name
  • color: set the color to draw its entities (with format #rrggbbaa)
  • opaque: opaque (1) or transparent (0)
  • visible: set visibility of its entities. (Visible = 1, Hidden = 0)
  • allowed_types: set the list type of geometric or mesh entities allowed to be in the group, must be a list with some of {points lines surfaces volumes nodes elements faces}
  • allowed_element_types: set the list type of mesh elements allowed to be in the group, must be a list with some of {linear triangle quadrilateral, ....}, by default all element types are allowed
  • parent: to change the parent of a group
  • state: to change the groups state (normal, disabled or hidden). hidden groups are not listed or visible in windows.
  • GiD_Groups get color|opaque|visible|allowed_types|allowed_element_types|parent|state|num_entities|num_conditions|id <group>

To obtain the current value of some property:

  • num_entities: the total number of geometric or mesh entities that belong to the group
  • num_conditions: the total number of conditions applied to the group
  • id: the numeric identifier of the group
  • GiD_Groups list ?<parent>?

To get the list of fullnames of the current groups.

If a parent is specified, then only relative names of child groups will be listed. Root parent could be specified with an empty string ""

  • GiD_Groups window open|close|update

Show or hide the groups window or update its content

  • GiD_Groups exists <group>

Return 1 if group exists, 0 else

  • GiD_Groups is_forbidden_name <group>

Return 1 if group name has forbidden syntax

  • GiD_Groups draw {<group_1> ... <group_n>}

Starts drawing the specified groups

  • GiD_Groups end_draw

Finish drawing groups.