CustomLib defines its own XML tags, which clearly describes its content. For more information about this attribute, see the section Data tree fields.

  • TDOM library

The tDOM library is used by the Toolkit due to it combines high performance XML data processing with easy and powerful Tcl scripting functionality. tDOM is one of the fastest ways to manipulate XML and it uses very little memory in the process of creating a DOM tree from a XML document. In TDOM terminology we call 'field' to the 'Element name' and 'parameter' to the 'attribute'. All data is stored in fields and parameters, where the parameters can contain a value, a xpath expression or a [TCL command].


XPath is a language for addressing parts of an XML document using path notations.

It is used for navigating through the hierarchical structure of a XML document to extract information. It is based on a tree of nodes representing the XML file.

It provides the ability to navigate around the tree, selecting nodes from it and computing string-values.

xpath expression -> A search is performed and the result is substituted in the parameter when necessary.

[TCL command] -> The command between brackets is executed when necessary and the return value is replaced inside the parameter.