The graph file that GiD uses is a standard ASCII file.

Every line of the file is a point on the graph with X and Y coordinates separated by a space.

Comment lines are also allowed and should begin with a '#'.

The title of the graph and the labels for the X and Y axes can also be configured with some 'special' comments:

  • Title: If a comment line contains the Keyword 'Graph:' the string between quotes that follows this keyword will be used as the title of the graph.
  • Axes labels: The string between quotes that follows the keywords 'X:' and 'Y:' will be used as labels for the X- and Y-axes respectively. The same is true for the Y axis, but with the Keyword 'Y:'.
  • Axes units:


# Graph: "Stresses"


# X: "Szz-Nodal_Streess" Y: "Sxz-Nodal_Stress"

# Units: Pa Pa

-3055.444 1672.365

-2837.013 5892.115

-2371.195 666.9543

-2030.643 3390.457

-1588.883 -4042.649

-1011.5 1236.958

# End

The file *.grf (which contains graphs) is read when changing from pre to post process and projectName.gid/ exists, or the postprocess files are read through File-->Open, then example.msh/res/bin and example.grf are read.

The post list file ( *.post.lst) can also contain a list of graphs (*.grf ).

Graph Lines file format