GiD Versions

New GiD developer version 15.1.4d

The new GiD15.1.4d developer version has been released and is ready to download from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Change theme do not require restart


  • New GiD_Event_AfterDataManagerSetCloudFolder

New version 2.6 of PassServer available

The new PasServer version 2.6 has been released.

PasServer is a license server for GiD.

The license server is the machine on the network that all of the other GiD client machines ‘ask’ if there is a license available for use. The license server machine then checks out a license and keeps track of it.

Is available for Linux and Windows systems and can be donwloaded for free from GiD Tools section.

What’s new?

This new version fixes some known errors from past versions and include a very interesting improvement for the users.

All GiD instancies running in the same machine will be counted only once by PasServer.

Find more information about PasServer in the official documentation.

New GiD official version 15.0.1

The new GiD15.0.1 official version has been released and is ready to download from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Fixed bug reading allowed_element_types groups information from .prj file


  • Fixed bug creating point with forced number crash.
  • Fixed bug calculation bounding box with only a background image


  • Fixed bug printing svg format (Windows only)
  • Animation window fixed problem editing ‘delay between steps’ value
  • Create results window, fixed bug selecting analysis and time step


  • Fixed bug with problemtype toobar hidden when changing from post to pre
  • Fixed bug starting the calculation (Windows only, related to GetShortPathName)
  • Fixed bug transforming classic data

New GiD developer version 14.1.10d

The new GiD14.1.10d developer version is ready to download for all platforms from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Added ttf fonts for Korean, Chinese (simplified) and Japanese languages.
  • Internet Retrieve:¬†to download Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Rusian fonts and messages packages.
  • Fedora 30¬†: some changes to be able to run both gid and installer.


  • Fixed bug when drawing contact volumes with render normal mode.
  • Corrected problem with label colors and ‘smoother edges’ option of fonts.
  • Corrected speed regresion on rendering.


  • Integrals¬†: now several meshes can be selected, and their sum will also be shown/graphed.
  • Animation script¬†: some corrections regarding backwards compatibility and video creation.
  • Some corrections regarding result names with spaces and mesh incorrect styles.

New GiD official version 14.0.5

The new GiD14.0.5 official version is ready to download from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:



  • linux/macOS¬†: corrected problem when a non-privileged user downloads a ProblemType for a globally installed GiD.
  • macOS¬†: correctes some little gui problems.


  • fixed bug copy/move scale and transform could invert the render mesh normals
  • fixed bug transform crash printing a lot of messages


  • fixed bug point evolution graph, x_label “Time step”
  • fixed bug calculating main directions in plane strain result

The new GiD version 14.0.4 includes Chinese language

The new GiD14.0.4 official version has been released and is ready to download from our webpage.

One of the main improvements for this version is the inclusion of the Chinese language translation.

With this new feature, the GUI messages can be displayed in three different languages, English, Spanish and Chinese.


The translation has been done with the collaboration of BEASY, an internationally recognised leader in computer simulation for Corrosion Control, Galvanic Corrosion, Signature Management, Defect Assessment and Crack Growth Simulation.

Working constructively with GiD team and BEASY’s agent in China, BEASY were able to efficiently exploit the latest version of GiD (14.04) in order to implement a Chinese language version of the BEASY Corrosion Manager and BEASY PolCurveX software products, both of which have now been released to customers.

The structuring of data and access to associated support tools (such as RAM Translator) from CIMNE, considerably facilitated the work involved, and BEASY certainly recommends any other providers of products incorporating interface to GiD to seriously consider the benefits of being able to offer products incorporating Chinese script as well as other languages.

For further information please visit or contact

chinese1 chinese2

How to change the language

The language can be easily changed through the preferences window.

Just select Utilities -> Preferences… in the top menu bar, select the Language dropdown menu in the General branch and choose your preferred language.

You just need to click on the Apply button to confirm your selection.

change language

More features in this version

The new GiD 14.0.4 not only contains the new Chinese language translation. Check all the new features and improvements here:


  • Chinese GUI message catalog
  • Page and capture settings: corrected error and behaviour of the options¬†Transparent background on images¬†and¬†Don’t save transparency layer on images. Now they can be used independently.
  • macOS: link in register window is working again.
  • linux installer:¬†more corrections on systems with not installed packages.
  • linux: corrected crash when using ZFS as filesystem.


  • Copy Move window¬†on linux and macOS: now it’s not hidden by the graphical window when selecting entities.


  • Cuts on collapsed hexahedra: solved introduced crash and corrected error in the creation of triangles.
  • Result Surface & Nice Spheres with VBO: corrected crash when visualizing contour fill with Result surface and error when using nice detail level in Spheres and Circles.
  • Results Animation: corrected error with a model with several analyses with different time-steps, when doing animation of a result of the first analysis.

New GiD developer version 14.1.8d

The new GiD14.1.8d developer version has been released and is ready to download for all platforms from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • New GiD variable WarnLineHeight¬†also in preferences window (General->Interface->Number of message lines).
  • Unified Border Angle preference¬†for pre- and post-process, the threshold for detecting sharp edges.
  • Collada¬†format import.
  • Linux¬†and¬†macOs:¬†corrected error when writting the password in the usb memory sticks.


  • Function Utilities–>Renumber¬†now also renumbering the elements considering their proximity, so their storage can improve performance in cases where close elements are accessed more often.
  • New ‘Also higher entities’ option¬†to send entities to layer or send to back.
  • Abaqus¬†mesh¬†.inp¬†import plugin.
  • Fixed some bug related with surfaces meshing skipping inner lines.
  • Improved some bottle-necks in meshing and rendering process considering models with a lot of geometrical entities.
  • Fixed some bugs in compatibilizing number of divisions in lines just before meshing.
  • Improved efficiency creating a volume with holes with lot of surfaces.
  • Improved efficiency when drawing big meshes in preprocess using VBO.


  • Fixed bug exporting multiple files with cuts do hdf5.
  • Add to default macros toolbar the GraphGaussResult to create graph of gauss point results.


  • objarray package 1.10->1.11, new subcommands translate and rotate, for arrays representing xyz coordinates. and replace efficiency enhanced.
  • GiD_Raster interpolate ?-closest? , new option to map discrete integer-coded values, returnig the value of the closest grid node.