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GiD will participate in the first international symposium of CIMNE Joint Labs (Aulas CIMNE)


The first international symposium of CIMNE Joint Labs (Aulas CIMNE) will take place from 12h to 14h May from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (UTC + 2) and it will be an online event.

This symposium takes the witness from the CIMNE Joint Labs meetings and the local GiD workshops held in Mexico. The objective is to present and disseminate the activities and research carried out by the CIMNE Joint Labs around the world and to strengthen ties of collaboration.

The scientific program includes a special session held by the invited classrooms and a series of presentations by the participants. All interventions will last 25 minutes, plus 5 minutes for answer the questions.

The presentations will focus mainly on the activities carried out in the framework of the CIMNE Joint Labs, and may be topics on developments, projects and research.

GiD will participate in the symposium presenting the news and advances on the latest GiD version and sharing the experiences with the participants.

The event is free of charge but previous registration is mandatory.

Please find more information and register at

GiD will help to optimize the design of chassis parts in Fatigue4Light

GiD will take part in the European Project Fatigue4Light: Fatigue modelling and fast testing methodologies to optimise part design and to boost lightweight materials deployment in chassis parts.

The project, started in February 2021, will work for four years on the development of new tests and new computer simulation methodologies to better estimate the fatigue life of chassis components and to select the optimal materials for lighter vehicle chassis. It will work on advanced high-strength steels, special stainless steels for automotive, high-strength aluminum alloys and hybrid metal-polymer materials.

Fatigue4Light is one of the first projects tackling this kind of problems.



Goals based in eco-design and circular economy

The goal is to reduce vehicle chassis weight compared to the current solutions, between 24 and 30 per cent for the most innovative solutions, reaching up to 40 per cent for some current applications.

The project’s results will optimise the selection of new materials and reduce the implementation time between material development and the design of a new chassis part.

Electric vehicle manufacturing in Europe is expected to grow from 1 million in 2019 to over 5 million in 2025, with rapid and sustained growth through 2030. The project takes into account the principles of the circular economy and eco-design, in order to develop light and high-durability chassis, which is vital to increase the autonomy of electric vehicles.

GiD will be the pre and postprocessor used by CIMNE, the coordinator partner

CIMNE is the partner that coordinates this project and all the simulations carried out by CIMNE will use GiD as pre and postprocessor.

‚ÄúThe Fatigue4Light project wants to help build a zero-emissions future by promoting design based on numerical simulation tools‚ÄĚ, says Lucia Barbu, the project‚Äôs coordinator and a researcher at the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE). ‚ÄúThe application of numerical simulation tools at a design stage can help to predict and ensure part performance, as well as minimise production losses by meeting the industry needs‚ÄĚ, Barbu adds.

Specifically, it is expected to reduce the development time of new lightweight components by up to 10 percent and increase the efficiency of the design stage by 7 percent.

Fatigue4Light includes 13 partners from 4 countries:¬†CIMNE,¬†Eurecat,¬†Lule√• University of Technology,¬†Centro Ricerche Fiat,¬†Magnetto Wheels Italy,¬†ArcelorMittal,¬†Gestamp Hardtech,¬†Politecnico di Torino,¬†RISE,¬†Profilglass,¬†Composite Service Europe,¬†Asociaci√≥n Espa√Īola de Normalizaci√≥n UNE¬†and¬†UPC.

You can find more information regarding the project in the official Twitter account.

New GiD official version 15.0.1

The new GiD15.0.1 official version has been released and is ready to download from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Fixed bug reading allowed_element_types groups information from .prj file


  • Fixed bug creating point with forced number crash.
  • Fixed bug calculation bounding box with only a background image


  • Fixed bug printing svg format (Windows only)
  • Animation window fixed problem editing ‘delay between steps’ value
  • Create results window, fixed bug selecting analysis and time step


  • Fixed bug with problemtype toobar hidden when changing from post to pre
  • Fixed bug starting the calculation (Windows only, related to GetShortPathName)
  • Fixed bug transforming classic data

10th GiD convention has been successfully adapted to the online format

The 10th GiD convention was celebrated on July 20th in a new format, due to the pandemic situation.

Despite the challenge of adopting a 100% online format, GiD team is proud of the success of the event.

The convention was composed by presentations from GiD problemtypes and interfaces developers that showed their latest advances.

Also, the GiD v15 new features were revealed in a live session with the GiD team and the speakers where participants were able to ask their questions in the live chat.

The convention was widely followed. More than 160 persons participated in the live broadcast and the videos accumulate more than 1500 visits.

The GiD team and the speakers are proud to have created a free and accessible material that will last over time and will be useful for sure.

All the presentations, pre-convention videos and the live session are available in the GiD YouTube channel and the official website.

GiD convention Online

10th GiD Convention, Online Edition


The new GiD v15 will be released on 20th July and the GiD team will celebrate the launch with a special event.

During the same day, the 10th GiD convention on Advances and Applications will take place.

Online edition

Due to the pandemic situation, it’s not possible to perform a presential convention as past editions, so GiD team has prepared an online edition for the 10th anniversary of the convention, where the attendees will be able to participate on the event¬†virtually.

Despite the change of the format, the GiD convention will maintain the objectives of past versions, creating a space to share ideas and experiences on the generation of data for computer simulation and the graphic visualization of numerical results.

The 10th GiD convention will bring together GiD users and problemtypes developers that will present their latest advances in video format.

What’s new in GiD v15?

Furthermore, GiD team will present the new features of GiD v15 and you will be able to participate with your questions and requests.

As in previous editions, many launch offers will be available.

Don’t miss the opportunity and join us at this event.

Please check and GiD social media channels for updated information.

New GiD developer version 14.1.10d

The new GiD14.1.10d developer version is ready to download for all platforms from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Added ttf fonts for Korean, Chinese (simplified) and Japanese languages.
  • Internet Retrieve:¬†to download Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Rusian fonts and messages packages.
  • Fedora 30¬†: some changes to be able to run both gid and installer.


  • Fixed bug when drawing contact volumes with render normal mode.
  • Corrected problem with label colors and ‘smoother edges’ option of fonts.
  • Corrected speed regresion on rendering.


  • Integrals¬†: now several meshes can be selected, and their sum will also be shown/graphed.
  • Animation script¬†: some corrections regarding backwards compatibility and video creation.
  • Some corrections regarding result names with spaces and mesh incorrect styles.

New GiD official version 14.0.5

The new GiD14.0.5 official version is ready to download from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:



  • linux/macOS¬†: corrected problem when a non-privileged user downloads a ProblemType for a globally installed GiD.
  • macOS¬†: correctes some little gui problems.


  • fixed bug copy/move scale and transform could invert the render mesh normals
  • fixed bug transform crash printing a lot of messages


  • fixed bug point evolution graph, x_label “Time step”
  • fixed bug calculating main directions in plane strain result

The new GiD version 14.0.4 includes Chinese language

The new GiD14.0.4 official version has been released and is ready to download from our webpage.

One of the main improvements for this version is the inclusion of the Chinese language translation.

With this new feature, the GUI messages can be displayed in three different languages, English, Spanish and Chinese.


The translation has been done with the collaboration of BEASY, an internationally recognised leader in computer simulation for Corrosion Control, Galvanic Corrosion, Signature Management, Defect Assessment and Crack Growth Simulation.

Working constructively with GiD team and BEASY’s agent in China, BEASY were able to efficiently exploit the latest version of GiD (14.04) in order to implement a Chinese language version of the BEASY Corrosion Manager and BEASY PolCurveX software products, both of which have now been released to customers.

The structuring of data and access to associated support tools (such as RAM Translator) from CIMNE, considerably facilitated the work involved, and BEASY certainly recommends any other providers of products incorporating interface to GiD to seriously consider the benefits of being able to offer products incorporating Chinese script as well as other languages.

For further information please visit or contact

chinese1 chinese2

How to change the language

The language can be easily changed through the preferences window.

Just select Utilities -> Preferences… in the top menu bar, select the Language dropdown menu in the General branch and choose your preferred language.

You just need to click on the Apply button to confirm your selection.

change language

More features in this version

The new GiD 14.0.4 not only contains the new Chinese language translation. Check all the new features and improvements here:


  • Chinese GUI message catalog
  • Page and capture settings: corrected error and behaviour of the options¬†Transparent background on images¬†and¬†Don’t save transparency layer on images. Now they can be used independently.
  • macOS: link in register window is working again.
  • linux installer:¬†more corrections on systems with not installed packages.
  • linux: corrected crash when using ZFS as filesystem.


  • Copy Move window¬†on linux and macOS: now it’s not hidden by the graphical window when selecting entities.


  • Cuts on collapsed hexahedra: solved introduced crash and corrected error in the creation of triangles.
  • Result Surface & Nice Spheres with VBO: corrected crash when visualizing contour fill with Result surface and error when using nice detail level in Spheres and Circles.
  • Results Animation: corrected error with a model with several analyses with different time-steps, when doing animation of a result of the first analysis.