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[GiDlist] 3D meshing problem with inner surface and overlap
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Send by: Zenker, Dr. Matthias
On: Thu Mar 31 11:09:05 CEST 2011

That works, thank you! I have now successfully generated a conformal
mesh for my overlapping geometry by setting the tolerance to 0.005.
For the geometry that crashes, I will contact you directly.

Best regards,


Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 19:54:07 +0200
From: "Enrique Escolano" <escolano at>
Subject: Re: [GiDlist] 3D meshing problem with inner surface and
To: <gidlist at>

3D meshing problem with inner surface and overlapInitially your x_t
volumes are completelly independent of each other, they don't share any
if you import with the 'Automatic collapse after import' option
unselected, then do you have this case (it is then recommended to do a
'Utilities->Repair to fix some possible import problems)

If do you want to connect this volumes, by sharing surfaces (e.g. then
heat can pass between bodies) then you must join them manually: e.g.
deleting one of the surfaces (first volume must be deleted) and using
only one for both volumes To aid you in this task, it exists the
'collapse' tool, that join points close than a tolerance. 
This tolerance must be set (in Utilities->Preferences-Exchange - Import
tolernace) by the user depending on the model accuracy, but once again,
to aid the user we provide the 'Automatic tolerance' option (that get as
tolernace a percent of the model size)

If this automatic tolerance is not appropiated for your model, you can
set other (and do global or local collapse selecting some part) in your
example Baugruppe1_overlap.x_t, there are points with gap about 0.00035
units (and the automatic tolerance is about 3e-6) then this gap won't be
closed with this tolerance.
If you set a tolerance 0.0005 and collapse again, then all 'required'
surfaces are joined as you want.

You must be carful with the collapse tolerance, only 'small tolerances'
must be used, else the geometry could be corrupted (the curves won't be
on the surfaces with precision, etc) And maybe some case can't be joined
by the collapse, then you must manually modify the geometry to have
exactly what you want to simulate.

About the model that crash, you can send me directly if do you want, to
escolano at to test it.



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