What’s GiD

GiD has been designed to cover all the common needs in the numerical simulation field from pre to post processing: geometrical modeling, effective definition of analysis data, meshing, data transfer to analysis software, as well as the visualization of numerical results.
GiD: from pre to postprocessing

GiD: a universal, adaptive and user-friendly pre and post processor

  • Universal: GiD is ideal for generating all the information required for the analysis of any problem in science and engineering using numerical methods.
  • Adaptive: GiD is extremely easy to adapt to any numerical simulation code. GiD’s input and output formats can be customized and made compatible with any existing software.
  • User-friendly: the development of GiD has been focused on the user´s needs, providing simplicity, speed and effectiveness for users.

GiD adaptive features

  • Multilingual: GiD is adaptable to any language. English, Spanish, Japanese and Russian versions are available.
  • Multiplatform: GiD has been developed using C++, Tcl/Tk and OpenGL in order to provide the best performance and portability for MS Windows, Linux or Apple’s Mac OSX.
  • Multiple calculation options: local and remote computing (an application is provided to run calculations remotely from GiD).

Why use GiD

  • GiD reduces time and costs associated with numerical analyses.
  • High speed, high quality and robust meshing and data input definition reduces the analysis preparation time for complex geometries.
  • Direct use of CAD data combined with GiD geometric modeling facilities reduces redundancy and costs associated to model creation.
  • Easy interface with in-house software codes and CAD systems.
  • It reduces the learning time and improves efficiency via an intuitive graphical user interface.

Who needs GiD

  • Engineering companies eager to unify their data input and results visualization environment through a variety of numerical simulation codes.
  • Universities and R+D centers wishing to provide a user-friendly environment for pre and post processing, which would allow them to develop and use a variety of codes in computational science and engineering.
  • Engineers and scientists that want to have individual access to a powerful pre and postprocessing system for the research and application of numerical simulation codes.


GiD has been developed by the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE), a research center with headquarters in Barcelona (Spain). CIMNE was created in 1987, linked to the prestigious Technical University of Catalonia (BarcelonaTech). CIMNE specializes in the development and applications of numerical methods and software to find solutions to a variety of problems in engineering and applied sciences.

For details: www.cimne.com